Most educators are distinctly humanistic; the world of industry is at best remote and incomprehensible to them. The Institute has therefore introduced its own section addressing the application and support of innovation in vocational teaching and education. The purpose of the section is to look for space for other approaches to vocational education that will lead to an increase in the technological competences of the population, develop a positive relationship of future professionals to their activities and reduce the demands on the need to manage and control the work of these professionals.

The form of the section is not yet stabilized and is being worked on. Currently, the Institute operates in the field of programming and electrical engineering. For programming, we already have a well-established programme to support young developers. In the field of electrical engineering, we search for interest groups of young amateur electrical engineers, to whom we mediate assignments, tasks and projects from electrotechnical companies.

We welcome any proposals and interest in improving approaches in other industrial, agricultural, technological or craft sectors.

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