Intuitive games for children, teenagers and adults

Intuitive games and exercises developed by the Swedish musician and educator Pär Ahlbom, the founder of the Solvik school, will surely refresh you. During these games and exercises, we develop an intuitive perception of rhythm and time, space and the people around us. It teaches us the presence of mind, but also spontaneity. We experience what it’s like and how does it feel to try out something we can’t do. We intensely feel joy, sadness or fear. We try to be present here and now, in our body and in our feelings. It teaches us not to be afraid to make mistakes, to accept ourselves as we are.

The event has an experiential character, and therefore it is not possible to do it for less than 4 hours. The fee for the meeting is dependent on the length of the meeting and its price is negotiable according to the situation of the group. The approximate price is 1800 CZK per hour of the seminar.

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