We will be happy to come to your region to hold a lecture or debate on “How to teach at the Junior High School”. The first cycle of lectures took place 2 years ago in Prague and was divided into three parts:

  1. How to teach so that the learning process goes through the head, hands and heart
  2. What is important to learn and what is not
  3. How to make it into reality under the current conditions

Topics can be summarized in two longer lectures. Or it is possible to focus on an individual sub-topic (see below) that is suitable for your situation at school.

Possible topics about upbringing and education of children at the Junior High School

  • About parents’ relationship with their teens
  • Puberty and what it means for teaching and upbringing at home and at school
  • Educating boys and girls during adolescence – what are boy’s and girl’s needs
  • Teacher’s authority at the Junior High School – about personality, boundaries, rules and improvisation
  • What children enjoy during adolescence, what not and why. What works, what can be unhealthy or dangerous
  • What topics in individual subjects and what activities resonate with the age of children at the Junior High School
  • Evaluation, internal and external motivation of children in the period before puberty and in puberty
  • How much and what children need to be learned from the subject matter and what is not necessary
  • What does the Junior High School look like in a specific type of alternative school (Waldorf, Montessori, Democratic School, Nature school)

Topics possible to be discussed (aiming at different aspects of teaching):

  • Freedom and its limits – what is and what is not allowed, rules and how to agree on them, discipline
  • Who is in charge of what is going on – what is the teacher’s responsibility to decide and where is the student’s free zone
  • Supporting students who differ and finding their place in the class
  • Inner differentiation in bigger or heterogeneous classrooms, division into groups
  • Teachers cooperation, aligning the interests and wishes of the school management team and parents of the students
  • Examinations and testing
  • New teachers on-boarding and training
  • How to inspire students for sciences – how to think about scientific experiments
  • How to inspire students for humanities – how to think about individual and society
  • How to balance intellectual studies, physical activity and arts
  • How to enable students to be part of a school decision making processes
  • How to excite students for maths and adjust different levels of students abilities
  • Teaching in projects – topic choosing, preparation, realization, reflection, connection to the rest of the school
  • Critical thinking and its place in junior high school
  • Meaningful work with electronics
  • Media education for junior high school
  • Balanced timetable and year plan – from the students and teachers point of view, from the school budget perspective
  • How to present what we do to the outside world – to the authorities or members of the family with different opinions

Would you like to organize a lecture or a discussion evening connected to Junior High School?

Contact us at zakladani-druheho-stupne@inovativnivzdelavani.cz.