We offer movement and improvisation seminars for schools or companies. We perceive artistic creation and movement as an important part of the life of individuals and communities. It increases the quality of life, because the use of own creative potential deepens and strengthens the relationship to oneself and between people.

What is our approach?

In the workshops we work with a somatic approach to the body and with movement improvisation. We use exercises from the physical theater, intuitive games and also work with voice and breath. Movement and improvisation lessons are focused on awakening the perception of one’s own body in space, on bringing deep-rooted movement patterns to the surface, on their recognition and development, on working with both internal images and external sensory perceptions. This approach further helps to release unconscious muscle tension, better coordination of movements and free expression. It leads to a better connection of body and mind and the opening of new possibilities of one’s own movement and perception of other people’s expressions, to better contact with oneself and others. It leads to the discovery of one’s own natural movement. At the same time one learns to accepts the different nature of others. Due to the fact that the work is mostly non-verbal, it is easier to activate other than rational levels of consciousness and deeper socialization processes in the group. We emphasize the uniqueness and creativity of the individual, as well as the cooperation and dynamics of the group. Last but not least, physical strength, flexibility and endurance are acquired.

How does it work?

The length and intensity of the workshop can be personally tailored. We can organise one longer meeting, a several-day workshop or regular lessons for a longer period of time.

The lesson can be attended by a group of up to 24 people. It is also possible to arrange individual meetings.

The course can be a good counterweight to classical physical education and sports, whose approach is primarily one of physical performace and competition. During the workshop participants try out different roles – from active creative and leading to passive observational or supportive.

Lecturer – Michaela Dašková

She studied dance, improvisation and physical theater in Freiburg, Germany. She graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts, and became an experienced teacher. She leads art, theater and dance movement workshops such as a movement seminar for a group of young adults at the Norwegian school Steinerskolen på Skjold for young people with special educational needs in Bergen. She was a member and producer of the theater association Now, Breath and Fly. And she continues to learn, being a participant in domestic and international workshops and projects.

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