We help people from the school environment to implement and achieve their business goals. We focus on business plans of young and adults. Our support is based on providing resources (business consultancy takes place incidentally), mainly in the form of financial investment or limitedly as a gift. It makes sense to respond to this project if you miss either material resources, social contacts, or other resources that are difficult to obtain for you.

How does the cooperation work?

We focus on projects whose goal is to have a commercial profit but marginally it’s possible to ask for funding for a non-profit project. The intention of the Institute is to support the development of entrepreneurs in the school environment, and therefore we also welcome requests for a very small support. But we can also mediate investments up to millions CZK thanks to our social network. In general, the greater support, the better business plan should be developed and tested.

These are items that should be part of the application:

  • Explanation of your business plan including an analysis of what kind of value will be created.
  • Defining what support you need.
  • Explanation of why there is a need to ask for external resources in your project.
  • Whether/what you’re willing to offer the Institut for return (if your project is successful).


We look forward to your applications and questions at