Your school will be visited several times during the school year. The program is always created by the current needs of the school. A one-day visit can have different parts and it’s up to you how you customize the program based on your needs.

For example, we can arrange the visit this way:

  • Sitting in on classes with follow-up reflective talks or demonstration lesson (morning),
  • A meeting with guiding adults / teachers and school management (afternoon),
  • A meeting with parents from school (evening).

Morning program

We can look at your teachers’ lessons and give them useful feedback. Help them to develop some aspects of their teaching. Or we can prepare a lesson for children from your school and then reflect on it together with you.

Afternoon program

In the afternoon we can meet with guiding adults / teachers and people behind school management – What are the difficulties, problems and inconsistencies your team is dealing with? How to amplify the atmosphere of joy and inner motivation of children (and adults)? How to build up an atmosphere of safety in the classroom? And what about the atmosphere in the adult community? (Relationships between teachers, parents and school management). How can we support healthy boundaries in the community? How to handle the need for structure and order together with the need for freedom and spontaneity? We can focus on problem solving, competences and non-violent communication.

How to adapt the school curriculum during the school years? What is really important and what can we skip? How to deal with the demands of the state or parents without betraying the school’s vision? How to create a balanced schedule and the teaching loads? How to cooperate together? 

Evening program

The topic of evening discussions with parents should be based on the current needs of the school. What is happening at the school and what could be different? How does the school fulfill parent’s expectations? What is the role of parents at school? How can the school support the parents so they become an active part of school life?

We can also organize a mediated meeting with parents and school management as an alternative to the thematically focused discussion.

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