How to teach and avoid burnout

How to stay open-minded and enthusiastic? How to react to things that bother us at school? How to process within us the pressures that are pouring in on us from all sides? When does it make sense to fight and when not? How to communicate our demands and requests to students, parents and leadership so that we do not get into constant conflicts? What to do when we are already in conflict? How to be in communion with children so that it brings us energy?

The length of the seminar can be anything from one to four hours. With the one-hour choice, there is not much space for discussion and interaction, and this choice  is thus more suitable for conferences. The two-hour choice is suitable for meetings with teachers. The four-hour choice allows making our own experiences so that a deeper effect can be expected from it. The approximate price is CZK 2,500 per seminar hour. In locations far from Prague, we prefer to do a seminar of at least two hours.

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