The map of inspiring schools consists of Montessori, Waldorf, Forest, Step by Step, Democratic and other innovative or alternative Elementary, Junior and Senior High Schools. The placement of the school on the map is subjective for pragmatic reasons. The map is not complete, because its content corresponds to the activity of the members of the Institute for support of innovative education. They locate places and school groups where they have noticed remarkable efforts for the quality of education, among others in terms of talent development, autonomy and self-confidence, spontaneous discovery and learning, self-realization, creative handling of interpersonal conflicts or hard-skill competences.

For whom is the map intended

The map is intended not only for parents who look for the school for their children near their home, but also for the future to create a lively communication atmosphere between individual schools and centers of inspiring education. Until now, we have centered our efforts at schools in the  Czech Republic – we have already covered the larger part of the innovative school landscape. However, at the moment, few schools from other countries are visible. We have put those foreign schools on the map that we visited personally. From now on we will also enter schools indicated to us by people willing to join us in our efforts to make innovative schools more visible worldwide.

We would like to point out that the data on the map are only indicative for purposes of orientation, because obtaining accurate data would be unbearably laborious. If you know of a school or community center that is missing on the map, or you would like to add or refine the data, please let us know at

If you are interested in obtaining more information about pedagogical directions and alternative schools, it is possible to attend the seminar of the institute “How to choose a school for your child?”.

Do you know about a school that is missing at the map? Write us at