Teach software development as craftsmanship

This seminar is about how to approach the teaching of software development alternatively by imitating the teaching of crafts as was being done in the days before the Industrial Revolution. What are the specifics of this approach? How is it possible to introduce it in the reality of today’s education?

In addition to those interested in innovating teaching of software development, the seminar can serve well as an inspiration in efforts to innovate other areas of educating hard-skill competencies. The seminar is also suitable for creators of educational systems and organizations, as it is possible to point out a number of practical examples of all the aspects that need to be addressed when implementing changes in education.

The length of the seminar is optional with a maximum of 4 hours. The content can be tailored in advance to suit the interested party, some parts can be discussed in greater detail and others superficially.


You can order our seminar at info@inovativnivzdelavani.cz.