We enable future teachers to complete their pedagogical practical training at interesting innovative or alternative schools. We help them choose from a wide range of different types and orientations of schools so that the practice provides them direct experience with different educational approaches. We have good contacts with these schools and we know them personally. Our goal is to make the practice in these schools beneficial for both parties. 

What values do we create?

Participating teacher trainees (or those interested in the teaching profession) will gain pedagogical experience. They can get a better overview of possibilities of their application in the world of education based on their own experience. We allow schools to get acquainted with their possible future teachers. We help to build a bridge between traditional and alternative schools through this project.

What types of schools are involved in the project?

In the project you can choose between public, private, religious and unofficial schools. You can select from schools / classes with different approaches (Nature, Montessori, Waldorf, Democratic Schools, constructivism, Jena plan, Dalton plan, Step by step …). There are many of them and we can advise you on your choice. The practice in these schools is, with some exceptions, commonly accepted by pedagogical faculties of universities.

We offer help with choosing a school

We will meet with you and together we will see which school would be most suitable for you to gain a new and interesting experience during your practice. We hope that this will benefit you later in choosing a school where you will feel well as a teacher. We will accompany you during the internship. At the end of the internship, we will be happy to reflect your new experience with you.

We are open to international students

We like the idea to help international students of pedagogy with gaining experience with innovative schools in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or, in the future, other central European countries.       

If you are interested, write us at praxe@inovativnivzdelavani.cz.