Since 2015, we have been accompanying various schools throughout Czech Republic. We specialize in harmonizing the atmosphere of the school, resolving conflicts and hidden misunderstandings. We are able to help with setting up processes (e.g. dividing different responsibilities), supporting communication between parents and the school and the smooth integration of ideas and procedures from different innovative pedagogical approaches. We support building an active community among children and guiding adults / teachers. We bring concrete suggestions and inspiration on how to move further the taught subjects or topics.

What is our approach?

Systematic mentoring or supervision is, in our experience, more effective than a single visit. Therefore, we can visit you often throughout the year to see your experience on implementing steps that had been discussed earlier. Building an innovative school is a process that sometimes stands still for some time. At other times, it moves forward rapidly and it’s time to reflect on what’s going on.

In innovative schools, we follow especially the joy of learning, but also experiencing a sense of interpersonal closeness and solidarity. We will help you support the school parents so they take on an active role in school life and even find their own potential for school development. We explore situations that are challenging to handle at your school. Every problem has its solution, any failure can be viewed as an opportunity, every mistake leads to new insights and knowledge.

Do you focus on the vision of the school? Do you need personal advice on financial and legal issues of establishing and running a school? Each of our mentors have their own approach to accompanying schools. If you hesitate whom to contact from the Institute, send us an email and we will help you. See more information about a possible program >> .

Pavel Kraemer

Pavel Kraemer

He studied mathematics at Charles University, and Waldorf and Intuitive pedagogy. He taught at alternative schools at home and abroad. He visited a number of interesting schools in Europe and India. He organizes training for teachers and school headmasters, and regularly mentors several schools.

He founded the Institute for Support of Innovative Education. For the public, he organized InoEduFests – festivals of innovative and alternative schools, discussions on education at various places. He helps to start new schools and to introduce the innovative approach at Elementary and Junior and Senior High Schools.

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Jan Sýkora

Jan Sýkora

He is a member of several civic associations and father of three children. He enjoys thinking of how to make a school to be equally enjoyable for children, parents and teachers as their free time activities.

In the past, he set up children’s camps, taught at a university and was the director of a non-governmental school. He used all this experience when founding his own school Hučák. In Hučák, he is in charge of directing the school, talking to all the actors and finding the balance of all involved. He meets children during assistantships, teaching and in the school club.

Under the SATORI association he carries out prevention programs in schools where they try to find ways to sustainable positive change.

Daniela Vodová

Daniela Vodová

She is the founder and principal of the Primary School Hůrka in Kutná hora. She has 3 children and lots of domestic animals. In her work as a teaching guide and school principal, she focuses primarily on rediscovering and supporting the internal motivation of teachers, children and also parents.

She works with  Attachment Theory in the school environment and further develops it. Thanks to working with attachment, children begin to trust in themselves again. As a consequence, they develop interest in their environment, where they grow, in what surrounds them. Curiosity awakens in them again.

In the Institute, She provides individual consultations for School Principals and School Founders.

Jindřich Monček

Jindřich Monček

He graduated from the Charles University in Prague, and also studied mentoring and school management. As a teacher, he introduced methods of active learning at a primary and junior high school. As the principal he transformed his school into an open and community-learning organization. 

He founded and led for five years a private primary school Jedna Radost in Poděbrady based on the values of self-esteem, self-regulation, autonomy and meaningful learning. As a lecturer, mentor and video trainer, he focuses on supporting the professional and personal development of teachers and his colleagues. He lives for the family, school, finding a life mission and fulfilling dreams.

In the Intitute, he provides short and long term cooperation with schools – more information >>.

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